Popular Custom-Made Office Desk Trends

14 September 2021
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As modern office spaces continue to change, it only makes sense for the furniture to do so as well. Long gone are the days when staff had no option but to settle for ready-made desks. Today, office workers want an environment that espouses their unique attributes and capabilities. As a result, the demand has led to the rise of custom office desks capable of meeting employees' unique needs. That said, there are common custom-made office desk trends that you need to be aware of when shopping. This article explores a few.

Height Adjustable Desks

One of the biggest challenges with standard desks is restricting employees' movement, leading to health issues. It is mainly the case for workers whose jobs entail sitting at a desk for hours on end, such as secretaries, receptionists, architects and software developers. Although you can take periodic breaks from a standard deck, you should look for one that allows you to move without leaving your workspace. In this regard, custom-made office desks with adjustable height have become the most popular piece of furniture in the modern workspace. When employees are tired of seating, they can easily raise the desk's height and continue working while stretching and relaxing their legs and back muscles. Height adjustable desks also improve productivity because employees remain at the same place whether they decide to stand or sit.

Wall-to-Wall Desks

Commercial spaces in Australian cities cost a premium; hence, maximising every square metre of office space should be prioritised. Although it might seem like single small desks are the best choice for optimising office space, the opposite is true. Notably, you end up with unused spaces between desks, limiting the number of people who can use the space. Wall-to-wall custom-made desks are perfect for maximising space because they occupy the edges of an office entirely. The best part is that a wall-to-wall custom desk can accommodate several workers depending on the length of a wall.

Tech-Ready Desks

There is no doubt that the modern office is fueled by technology since nearly every worker today has a laptop, a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone. Although the gadgets can fit on a standard desk, using them can be challenging. The reason is that ready-made desks are not constructed with employee tech needs in mind. Thus, a trend that is currently disrupting the office desk segment regards tech-ready desks. For instance, tech-ready desks can incorporate USB and wireless charging ports, headphone hangers, in-built projectors and other features that make using tech devices easy.

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