Choosing the Perfect Rug to Match Your Teak Furniture: What to Consider

29 July 2015
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Choosing a rug to go with your teak furniture can be challenging, but once you find the perfect rug, it helps pull together your furniture and make your area look more inviting. When looking for rugs to match your teak furnishings, keep these ideas in mind. They will help lead you to the perfect rug:

1. Settling on a size

To help you decide which size of rug you need, arrange your teak furniture how you want it. If you are buying an area rug, it should cover the entire sitting area with a small border around the edges.

If you cannot afford an area rug in the size you need, or if you prefer to keep more of your floor visible, look for a small accent rug that complements one piece of your teak furniture.

For example, if you place an accent rug in front of a teak sofa, it should be slightly shorter than the sofa's length and roughly the same width.

2. Selecting a shape

The shape of the rug you select to go with your teak furniture depends on how you are arranging the furniture. Rectangular seating areas, for example, require rectangular rugs; circular dining areas require circular rugs; and the floorspace at the foot of a teak bed frame requires a rectangular rug.

3. Choosing colours

To complement your teak furniture, look for rugs with shades of light blue and white. These colours create a light and airy effect, perfect for bedrooms, outdoor areas and a range of other places.

Alternatively, you can create complexity and highlight undertones in your teak furniture with grey accents on the rug. Depending on the undertones in your teak furniture, yellow or, in some cases, ebony, may also work well.

4. Picking a pattern

Choose a pattern for your rug that contrasts the shape of your teak furniture. If you have mission-style furniture, for example, contrast its straight lines with a rug featuring a scroll work pattern.

If you have ornately carved and curved teak root furniture, contrast it with rugs bearing geometric shapes or stripes.

5. Mulling over materials

Teak furniture looks the best with rugs made from natural fibers, wool or synthetic materials such as polypropylene that mimic the look of wool. Avoid pairing your teak furniture with materials that compete with the grains in the teak furniture. For example, avoid bamboo rugs or jute rugs that look like wicker. Visually, they distract the eye from the teak wood.

For more tips, you may want to contact a local furniture retailer like The Teak Place