3 Tips To Ensure Your Barbecue Relocates To Your New Home In One Piece

22 July 2016
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Moving house goes well when you do as much planning in advance as you can, and this statement is very true when it comes to thinking about preparing your barbeque grill ready for transport. Getting your barbeque ready to move takes several days, so follow these three tips to make sure it is ready to be placed on the removal truck on moving day.

Cool Down

A lot of barbequers forget it can take quite a few hours for a barbeque to cool completely after use. While your grill may seem to be the best cooking method choice the day before you move house because you want to keep the oven clean, the ashes in it won't be cool enough to empty the next morning before the truck arrives. To be entirely safe, do not use the barbeque within 48 hours of the removal truck coming.

Cleaning Your Barbeque

While the barbeque does not need to be spotless before it goes on the truck, you certainly do not want to put an item that is greasy or smelly into a confined space with all your belongings. To make sure your barbeque does not contaminate the rest of your possessions you should:

  1. Remove all the ashes at the bottom of the grill and throw them in the trash. Doing this stops the debris flying around the confined space of the truck and settling on your furniture.
  2. Use a degreaser on the outside of the barbeque to clean it. Degreaser removes all food fat spots and dirt that could smear onto your furniture if the grill moves around in the back of the truck.

While cleaning the barbeque, check for any rust that has eaten through the metal. These rust holes can weaken the structure of the barbeque, and since you don't want it to collapse while on the truck, a severely damaged barbeque should be thrown away rather than transported.

Propane Gas Tanks

If your grill is powered by propane gas rather than by charcoal, the gas tank needs to be emptied before being loaded on the truck. Most removal companies will not transport a full propane tank. However, draining the gas tank yourself by opening the value and letting it flow outside is dangerous as it still leaves flammable fumes within the tank.

The safe way to empty a propane gas tank is to take it to a propane gas filler. They will suction the gas out for you so there are no fumes left behind.

Preparing your barbeque properly before the moving truck arrives means it will safely make it to your new home without damaging any of your other belongings. Once it arrives, you may even enjoy cooking on it for the first night as a way of christening it at your new abode.