Sliding Or Hinged Cabinet Doors? Make The Right Choice For Your Kitchen

25 July 2016
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Cabinets are ideal for kitchens because they offer added storage fore concealing clutter in your cooking space. Cabinets are used to store all kinds of cooking accessories. If you've decided to get customised versions by professional cabinetmakers, then you will need to make several decisions, including the style of doors you desire. Grasping the basic concepts behind hinged and sliding doors will allow you to make an informed decision for your kitchen.

Determine Your Kitchen Size  

The decision between hinged and sliding cabinet doors will be based on the size of your kitchen. Hinged doors that open outwards need more room in the kitchen, so you will need to get the space measured to establish whether they can be introduced. If you have a small kitchen, then sliding doors are almost always the better option because they don't take up any room during the opening and closing process. If your kitchen is conveniently sized with no limitations, then hinged doors are also ideal solutions for your cabinets. If you're determined to have one particular door style, your cabinetmakers may be able to make a few adjustments to the interior cabinet space to accommodate your request. 

Establish The Operation Of Opening For Both Doors

Hinged and sliding doors work differently, so you need to first understand how they operate before making a decision. Hinged doors are pivoted along the side of the cabinet frame and can be opened and shut from the front. Hinged doors are placed on a track and follow a sideways sliding mechanic for closing and opening. Some homeowners prefer the idea of front opening and closing, while others like the idea of sliding doors open. Once you establish the operation, you can better decide what works best for you when working with your cabinetmakers.

Think Of Your Existing Décor

Many homeowners like the idea of choosing between hinged and sliding doors based on their existing décor. For instance, rustic kitchens with ample with lots of traditional applications will benefit from hinged cabinet doors because they represent more conventional appeal. If you have a modern kitchen, then sliding doors are ideal. Some homeowners even like the idea of adding mirrors to sliding kitchen cabinet doors to infuse a sense of space into the kitchen. You can choose decorative designs on your cabinet doors to resonate with the existing décor of your kitchen.

Consider these factors when working with your cabinetmakers to choose between sliding and hinged cabinet doors for your kitchen.