Essential Features to Look for in a Lift Chair

22 October 2020
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Australians lead busy lives, and it is easy to understand why homeowners value comfort more than anything else. As such, homeowners do not mind splurging on pieces of furniture that provide the most comfort. A lift recliner chair is one such piece. Notably, lift chairs do more than providing comfort. If you have mobility issues such as back or hip problems, a lift recliner chair helps you to keep a proper seated posture. The chairs also provide a gentle boost when standing up. That said, you need to look out for certain features when buying a lift chair.

Infinite Lift Positions

You need to consider the lift capabilities of a chair when shopping. See, different lift chairs are available in the market, and each features various functions. A glaring variance can be seen in the number of lift positions. For instance, if you are buying a lift chair for standard lift support, then one with two or three lift positions is enough. However, suppose a family member is dealing with mobility issues such as spine or hip injuries. In that case, you should buy a lift chair with an infinite number of positions to offer support in different circumstances.

Storage Unit

The primary function of a lift chair is to make you as comfortable as possible. Therefore, it should be easy to reach for a magazine, a book, a tablet, or remote control. If you buy a chair that does not have a storage unit, you have to get up every time you need any of the items above. On the other hand, a lift chair with a storage compartment allows you to reach for a book or a magazine without much movement.

Zero Gravity

While most lift chairs provide comfort levels that most homeowners are content with, you should only settle for a seat with add-ons that offer ultra-comfort. Unfortunately, the laying positions of some lift chairs are not versatile enough. The best position that conventional lift chairs offer is enabling you to lie flat on your back. However, lift chairs with zero gravity option provide unrivalled comfort levels. For example, you can adjust the leg rest and tilt the backrest in a position that defies gravity for the ultimate relaxation without lying flat on your back. It is particularly useful for relieving stress on the waist, the neck, and knees. Additionally, zero gravity amplifies leg elevation for improved blood circulation.